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Click here to get a map of Plataea, courtesy of Whitecrossroads.com

Equipment (these can be bought in the supply shop in the quarry):
For quarrying: A hammer and a chisel
For mining: A pickaxe
For digging in the ruins: A shovel

The easiest area to work in is the quarry.  To work there you need to hold the Hammer in one hand, the chisel in the other and QUARRY PIT.
Some items that can be found in the quarry:
A slab of serpentine (jeweler 149-150 dinar)
A hunk of granite (40 dinar)
A slab of reddish sandstone (assayer 25 dinar)
Some limestone (assayer 10-14 dinar)
A hunk of pumice (assayer 5-10 dinar)
Some iron pyrite (assayer 4-5 dinar)
A piece of grey marble (jeweler 2 dinar)
A piece of black marble (jeweler 1-2 dinar)
A hunk of granite

worthless ltems:

Some dirt
A smooth rock
A small pebble

Rock-wasp nest (24 sec RT, 40-50 damage)

The middle area in difficulty to work is the mines.  To work the mines you need to hold your pick-axe in one hand and MINE SHAFT.
Some items that can be found in the mines:
A purple agate geode (jeweler 168-178 dinar)
A medium moss agate (jeweler 30-32 dinar)
Some copper ore (assayer 20-100 dinar)
Some tin ore (assayer 15-75 dinar)
A large mottled jasper (jeweler 9-11 dinar)
Some rock salt (assayer 5 dinar)
A fossilized clamshell (pawn 1 dinar)
Worthless items:

A small pebble
A lump of coal
A smooth rock
A small white cave spider (24 sec extra RT, immobilizing
poison with random length)

The hardest area to work is the ruins.  To work the ruins you need to hold the shovel in one hand and DIG RUINS.
Some items that can be found in the ruins:
A gold and ivory compass on a silver chain (jeweler 117 dinar)
A silver stylus (pawn 42 dinar)
A silver armband etched with laurel leaves (pawn 42 dinar)
A simple silver vial (pawn 28 dinar)
A silver hunting knife (pawn 28 dinar)
Some quartz prayer beads (jeweler 25 dinar)
A carved cedar jewelry box (pawn 5 dinar)
A wicker bread basket (pawn 5 dinar)
An ivory handled table knife (pawn 4 dinar)
An old silver coin (pawn 3 dinar)
A copper goblet (pawn 2 dinar)
A tin spoon (pawn 2 dinar)
A small mirror (pawn 1 dinar)
Worthless items:

A cracked wooden plate
An old boot
A flint arrowhead
A cracked mosaic tile

A fire ant nest (extra RT)

If you have any information to add, please let me know and I will publish it on my website and give you credit.
Many thanks to Flamesong for the information on what can be found in which area and the prices.