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How to Play TLF

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There are several ways to access TLF, depending on what platform you use. There are more clients than I am listing. I'm just putting in what most players seem to use (and that are free).

For Windows I use MUSHclient. The link is:


You will need to download it. When you open it up, it will ask you about the name of your new world. You can put anything in there that you will remember. Where it asks about the IP address use play.thelostfates.com and make sure the port is 4000. Click on file on the far left, Open World, then find the name of the world you just created, pick that one and then click on Connection, and Connect.

For Android users: I hear Blowtorch is a good client. I don't have any experience using it myself. The link is below.


If you would prefer not to download a client, you can use the Browser based entry. It doesn't have the same abilities as the clients, but it works.