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To see what your skills are type SKILLS.  Below is a list of skills, if you click on the skill on the list you'll bring up a page describing what it is and how to increase this skill.

HELP SKILLS shows the following information:
Just like real life, you "learn by doing" here in Morada.  Countless activities can raise skills, such as performing acrobatic feats, tending wounds, or even playing a game of basketball.  The skill an activity raises is largely intuitive (i.e., doing flips will raise acrobatics), though you may have to do some experimentation if you aren't sure.
Type SKILLS to see a complete listing of all your skills.  Next to each skill name, you will see two numbers.  The first number is your rank in that particular skill, and the second number is a measure of how close you are to gaining another rank in that particular skill.
Your skills can range from 0 to 500, with certain general "breaking points" in-between.  While these do not always apply, they are a good rule of thumb:
     000-075 : Untrained
     076-150 : Familiar
     151-275 : Trained
     276-350 : Skilled
     351-425 : Expert
     426-475 : Professional
     476-500 : Master
As you advance your skills, you will gain the ability to use certain profession names.  These professions are for RP purposes only, and you can change which one you use as often as you like.  Type PROFESSION for more information on which professions you are allowed to use, and for directions to set your profession.
Throughout the lifetime of your character, there is an overall limit of 16,500 skill points you can obtain.  That is, the total of all your skills put together cannot be greater than 16,500.  You can see your "lifetime skill point balance" at the bottom of the list when you type SKILLS.  Don't let this worry you, though -- it will take several years of hard work to reach this point.
Should you hit this limit, it does not mean that you cannot continue to experience the thrill of advancement.  You can use SKILL REMOVE to *permanently* remove skill points you have gained, so that you may regain that skill, or another skill.  NOTE: This is PERMANENT, and CANNOT be un-done by a GameMaster.  The only way to recover skills lost in this way is through normal game mechanics -- the same way you got them to begin with.


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