Heartsong's Hearth

Combat for beginners
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The first thing you need to know is where to go to hunt first. The easiest hunting area is the catacombs near Athens' palace. To get there type DIRections CATacombs and follow the directions.

Before you crawl through the crack in the fountain to hunt there are some things you should know. First, when you arrive you have a knapsack. Inside the knapsack is a scimitar (a curved blade sword), you'll want this to fight the rats, skeletons and bullies in the catacombs. You need to GET SWORD. You also have a shield on your shoulder. To use the shield you REMOVE the SHIELD from your shoulder, to put away the shield you WEAR the SHIELD again.

Now the basics of hunting. You might want to stick with just going south and north until you feel confident. One tip you might want to know is that you can type SET MONSTERBOLD. What this does is make it so the creatures and enemies show in bright yellow text, that way you don't have to read the entire room description every time you come across a critter.

So, you see a rat. What do you do now? Well, you can SWING at the RAT, or JAB at the RAT or ADVANCE toward the RAT. It will take a bit to get to melee range with the rat. Once you have specified the creature you wish to beat on, you don't have to use the creature's name again, you can just type SWING or JAB after that.

Ok, you've hit the rat, but it's not just going to stand there passively and let you beat on it, it's going to bite back. Watch your HEALTH, if you're using the wizard it's the bar with the heart on it. If your health gets too low you need to RETREAT. Your health will go back up little by little in time.

Another thing you can do is check your STANCE, Offensive stance will make you hit harder, but your defense will suffer, and defensive stance will make you harder to hit, but you'll not hit hard. It's probably best at first to stay with a NEUTRAL STANCE.

You can also EVALUATE your combat situation. That's helpful when there is more than one creature trying to rip you apart, or when you have a friend who is in trouble and needs help. It also helps to know if you've got a critter on your left or right or behind you. That way you can TURN LEFT or TURN RIGHT so you're facing it.

Well, now that you've crushed your opponent and it's laying dead at your feet, what do you do? Well, you hurry up and WEAR your SHIELD if you're using one. Then you SKIN your RAT (or whatever), drop the skin (or whatever you got) if you got one, and DISSECT the RAT. Once you're done doing that SEARCH the RAT to make it go away. You have to be fast, though, or the critter will dissolve before you can do all that. It takes practice. Not all critters can be skinned and dissected. If the critter can't be, you'll get a message. Even if it's a creature that can't be skinned or dissected you still need to SEARCH the critter. Then make sure you LOOK at the room you're in because many creatures drop treasure when you SEARCH them. You'll want to save the items you get from SKINning, DISSecting and SEARCHing the creatures because you can sell them for dinars.

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