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To build sandcastles the first thing you need are a bucket and spade.  They are sold at a shop down on Piraeus' Boardwalk.  Once you have the equipment, you'll need to find a beach, which won't be too hard if you've found the shop that sells the shovels and spades because the beach area is right near there.
Now that you've found some sandy beach, hold the bucket in one hand and the spade in the other and DIG.  If your bucket doesn't get filled with sand, you're not on one of the right beaches.  Put away your spade and DUMP your bucket.  You'll have a pile of sand now.  Continue to fill your bucket and dump piles of sand.  The size of the castle will depend on how many buckets of sand you fill and dump.  One bucket will make a tiny castle, two is a small castle, three is a medium castle, four is a large castle and more is an enormous castle.  Be careful though, the more buckets of sand, the harder it is to build the castle.  Now you need to push your piles together by PUSHing PILE TO OTHER PILE.  If you find your pile gets too big and want to make it smaller, KICK the PILE.
Ok, now you have a nice pile of sand, you need to PAT your PILE so that it is the right size.   Once the castle is all patted and nice, you should CARVE your PILE... and then the magic happens.  You'll see the castle make itself!  Watch carefully, because it won't really show what it looks like in the finished castle description.
Now, depending on your skills, you'll get one of several different castles; primitive, crude, plain, fancy, and fanciful.