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When you are ready to train you will get a message to let you know automatically.  You can also type EXPerience to see how much more you need to learn before you are ready to train.  The first few levels fly by, each one takes a bit more experience to earn until you get to 30,000 exp per level.  At level 100 it takes 60,000 per level to be able to train.  Each week you'll have a period of accelerated learning (4 hours), called the GIFT OF PROMETHEUS.  Role Play awards will also accelerate how much experience you can learn.
But anyway...how do you train once you are ready?
First thing, you need to forage up something your diety likes (unless you're godless), HELP (diety's name) will help you with Greek dieties, but not the others.  Luckily all dieties love laurel leaves. Even if you are not aligned with any diety, you can do this to advance.  You need to FORAGE up some LAUREL LEAVES, they can be found in the palace gardens or 3 rooms west outside of the Pieraic Gate.
Once you have the leaves, you need to go to a temple or shrine of your choice.  There you OFFER the LEAVES and DONATE a dinar or two.  My rule of thumb for that is for the first 20 levels donate the amount of the level you will become...if you are going to be level 2, donate 1 or 2 dinars....level 3 donate 2 or 3 dinars, and so on.  You'll know your diety is happy with you if it's enough, if not, you'll feel that your diety isn't satisfied with the amount, just DONATE a bit more.  (Syntax is DONATE 2, or however many dinars you're donating).
Once you know your diety is happy with you, PRAY.  A light will shine down on you from the heavens and you will be given training points and development points. 

Next you need to use those training and development points to increase your skills and stats.
To do this you need to go to the Training Paleastra (if you type DIR TRAINers you can get directions there).

Will put in info on syntax of training soon....

If you'd like to know more about skills and stats, go to the section of my website entitled Skills and Stats (once I put the information there, that is).