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This information is only temporary until sewing is added to the crafting system.

The first thing you need is some equipment.  You can buy the items you need in Eleusis.  You'll need fabric, a needle, thread, a pattern, a sewing knife and sewing chalk.
Now that you have all the items, it's time to sew.  You'll need quite a bit of skill in stagecraft, gadgeteering and a bit of melee.  You'll also want some coordination.
Now, hold your needle in one hand and the thread in the other.  THREAD your NEEDLE.  Be careful, you can poke yourself!
You can PULL NEEDLE to take the thread back off if you wish.
Now put the needle away for a bit.
PUT PATTERN ON FABRIC - to pin the pattern on the fabric.  If you decide you don't want to use that pattern or that fabric you can PULL FABRIC to unpin a pattern from the fabric, but beware because the pattern will get tattered and old and only has so many uses and pulling it off tatters it some.
If you LOOK FABRIC you can see if there is a pattern pinned or traced on the fabric.
Now get your sewing chalk and TRACE FABRIC to trace a pattern on the fabric with chalk.  You can still change your mind and RUB FABRIC to rub the chalk markings off the fabric. 
Put away the chalk (if there is any left, it runs out after a time) and get out your sewing knife.  It's best to use a sewing knife because it gives you a bonus on cutting out the pieces.
Next CUT FABRIC to cut out your pattern pieces with a knife. Once they are cut out, put away your knife and get out your threaded needle.
SEW your PIECES several times.
You can LOOK at your PIECES to see your progress.
Once you're done sewing you can go back to the room at the back of the sewing shop and sell your items for a tiny profit.  The better quality of your sewing the more you can sell them for.