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Equipment needed:
Fishing pole - Carvable (See TACKLE in my crafting section)
Hooks - Buy in Eleusis
Line - Buy in Eleusis
Bait - Forageable
Creel or Striger - Buy in Eleusis
(The differences between a creel and stringer are that creels keep the fish alive much longer and you don't have to put them on the ground.)

Forageable bait:
Black cricket
Brown cricket
Fat earthworm
Leaf worm
White grub
Black grub
Small frog

Fishing syntax:
   FISH LINE            Tie your line on your pole.
   FISH LINE REMOVE     Untie your line from your pole.
   FISH HOOK            Tie your hook to your line.
   FISH HOOK REMOVE     Untie your hook from your line.
   FISH BAIT            Bait up your hook.
   FISH BAIT REMOVE     Remove unused bait from hook.
   FISH CAST            Flip your line into medium depth waters.
   FISH CAST SHALLOW    Flip your line into shallow waters.
   FISH CAST DEEP       Flip your line into the deepest waters.
   FISH REMOVE          Remove your catch from your line.
   FISH STOP            Pull in your line and stop fishing.


How to fish, step-by-step:
The first thing you will need is a pole.  You can carve your own (see my TACKLE section in CRAFTS) or ask someone to carve one for you.  The better made the pole is, the less likely it is to break.
Once you have a pole, you need to get it ready to use.
You will need line and a hook.  You can buy these at the fishing shop in Eleusis.  The line comes in light, medium and heavy weights, the heavier the line the less likely it is to break.  The hooks come in small, medium and large, the larger the hook, the bigger the fish that can take it.
Now you have the equipment, you need to tie your line on you pole by typing FISH LINE.  And tie the hook on the pole by typing FISH HOOK.
Next you need to gather some bait.  You can forage that up pretty much anywhere you can forage.  I prefer worms and grubs.  You bait your hook by typing FISH BAIT.
Now, after you've gotten a creel or stringer and plenty of bait, along with your pole all ready, you need to find a good fishing spot.  For that, you should look on the maps.
And you've arrived at a fishing spot!  What do you do next? 
FISH CAST!  You can cast DEEP or SHALLOW. 
Then wait for a nibble.
If you fear you've lost your bait, you just need to LOOK ON LINE.  If you have lost your bait, you need to FISH STOP to pull in your line so you can re-bait your hook.
Wait for your pole to wiggle and then PULL POLE.  Luckily you will get a fish and not a snag or loose your bait, or maybe have nothing at all.
If you get a snag, continue to PULL POLE until you get your line free.  If you can't get your line free, you can CUT LINE, but then you will lose your line, hook and bait. If you end up pulling in a muddy stick, sandal, or any other junk you need to FISH REMOVE it to get it off your hook before re-casting your line.
If you hook a fish you need to play it carefully.  If the fish comes toward you, PULL POLE.  If it goes away from you, PUSH POLE to keep the line loose enough that it doesn't break.  If the fish goes left or right, SWING POLE.  After a while you'll pull in that fish.
The last step is just to FISH REMOVE.  You can MEASURE (fish) to get an idea how big it might be.  Don't hold onto your fish for too long or it will flip out of your hands, put it in your creel or on your stringer.
Once you've fished to your heart's content, or run out of room to keep the fish, you can take them to the fishing shop in Eleusis and sell them, or if they are big enough, you might just be able to get your name on one of the trophies in the shop!

If you give me information for my web site, I will make sure to give you credit here.