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Dragonfell.  The highest of the peaks in the volcanic mountains of Midgard, wreathed in steam and bathed in fire, birthed in ice.  Long, long ago Dragonfell was home to the great black dragons of Midgard, its bulk riddled with caves and tunnels leading into great arching caverns filled with the heat of slow-flowing lava.  The dragons made this their lair, they reared their young and whiled away the deep winters in the warmth of Dragonfell's core.
Many years passed, and it was thought that the last of the black dragons had long-since died, and in time, a castle was built on the flanks of Dragonfell, surrounded by a moat of lava and protected by traps, spells and puzzles.  The castle was named Kastali Hyrriss.
Kastali Hyrriss conceals a secret, and many adventurers have tried (and failed) to solve the mystery and discover what is hidden beneath the walls of Kastali Hyrriss.
An adventurer by the name of Einmyria roams the streets of Gamlebyen and seeks knowledge of what lies within Dragonfell.  She will reward any who can bring back information - and proof - of the secret of Kastali Hyriss.
Please note that anyone caught giving solutions, answers or spoilers for the quest will forfeit any reward or prize.
Please also note, those above level 20 will have the best chances of completing the quest.

Since this is a quest, I am not going to give any more information than what was given out to everyone.