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Heartsong's Hearth

Magical Songs

Writing magical songs

First you will need some supplies:
Paper or parchment
Stylus (you'll need a nib for the stylus, too) or quill
If you use a stylus you will need to fill it with ink.  To do this hold the stylus in one hand and the ink in the other and POUR INK IN STYLUS.
You can MEASURE your stylus to see how much ink is in it.
You also need to make sure you have a nib on your stylus.  To put a nib on your stylus hold the nib in one hand and the stylus in the other and PUT NIB ON STYLUS.
If you are using a quill you'll need to get ink on it by holding the quill in one hand and the ink in the other and then PUT your QUILL IN your INK.
Now, put away that ink and get out some paper or parchment.
Just WRITE (whatever type) of SONG, and if you have the musical skill to write it, you will.
If you wish to make your own quill you will need to forage a feather (not an owl feather, they are too soft).
You need to have a dagger or quill knife.
Hold the dagger or quill knife in one hand and the feather in the other, then CARVE your FEATHER WITH your KNIFE/DAGGER.
If you have the skill required, you will create a quill.

Drinking song:
Fame song:
Dancing song:
Marching song:
Humor song:
Heroic song:

If anyone submits information that I publish I will be appreciative and give credit here.