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The definition of adrenals according to HELP ADRENAL:
Adrenals deal with your ability to focus your inner-self to enhance your body beyond its normal capabilities, thus drawing from resources such your body's adrenaline or your spiritual "chi" to enhance your combat skills.  Be aware that mixing such spiritual or physical enhancements with others may lead to undesirable effects!  To see what adrenal moves you are capable of, use FOCUS LIST.  You may test your adrenal fortitude by checking your ADRENAL level.

To use Adrenal abilities, type FOCUS followed by the name of the ability.
Usage: FOCUS LIST           - to see a listing of the adrenal abilities
                              you have mastered.
             FOCUS <ability>      - to use an adrenal skill.
             FOCUS <ability> HELP - for specific help on an adrenal skill.

When you have the skill to learn new adrenal skills you'll get hints about them.   You'll need to use them once for them to show up on your FOCUS LIST.

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FOCUS (skill) HELP
In the absence of battle, one may find the solitude and calm to control the flow of blood to a point where you are capable of inducing clotting and a replenishing of health when severly injured.
Pain, despair, and anger are things we all have no control to placate, however those with enough skill may harbor these emotions and release them to their advantage at the proper time.  While such feelings cause a certain recklessness, they also create a raw power and aggressive nature for the one who embraces them.
As the body becomes hindered by certain toxins, so can it be purified by flushing the malignant substances out through an open wound.  Greater skill enables deadlier toxins to be separated from the blood.  Using this skill does NOT completely drain one's pool of adrenaline.
Exercise and everyday use of the limbs offers strength to the muscles but strain and aches often prevent us from reaching the full potential of our might.  A burst of adrenaline can help us push ourselves beyond these preconceived limits to increase our strength for a time.

I will add information submitted to me about adrenals and make sure you get credit for it.   Thanks!