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Activities Development Forum - September 4th, 2004
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Announcement: Come and put forward your ideas for new adventure activities!  The forum is starting right now at the Council House of Athens' NW Quadrant (DIR NW, DIR EMPLOYMENT).

Schism asks, "Is that my cue?"
Feral grins at Schism.
Seni puts a mug of dark roasted coffee in a fringed doeskin pack adorned with tiny amethyst daggers.
Quinlax offers Seni a steel flail with a simian-shaped ball.
Jacinda says, "If ya don't know an answer, point at her and say she made ya do it."
Jacinda winks at Schism.
Seni accepts Quinlax's steel flail.
Schism grins at Jacinda.
Flamesong giggles.
Seni chuckles at Cervesus!
Feral sticks her tongue out at Jacinda, and lets out with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from her lips!
Seni offers Quinlax a steel flail with a simian-shaped ball.
Seni says, "nice"
Seni smiles at Cervesus.
Schism says, "Ok, I would like to keep this forum informal, but to do that, I need you guys to keep realitively quiet."
Seni taps Quinlax lightly on his shoulder.
Flamesong mutters something under his breath.
Flamesong takes a sip of his wine.
Schism says, "Otherwise I would have to turn on the full blown forum thinger, and that is a bother."
Jubalee nods to Schism.
Seni offers Quinlax a steel flail with a simian-shaped ball.
Schism says, "I am filling in for Feral, who is having connection difficulties and will be here as much as she can during the forum."
Schism smiles at Feral.
Feral smiles widely, showing her wicked, pointed teeth.
Jubalee rubs Feral gently.
Quinlax accepts Seni's steel flail.
A flurry of snow suddenly blows into the area, from which Korudon strides.
Schism asks, "First off, what is AD?"
Schism waves at Korudon.
Korudon tilts his head toward Schism.
Flamesong raises his hand.
Feral looks as if she is about to lean upon Korudon.  You blink in surprise as Korudon's shadow lurches up and tackles Feral to the ground.  The shadow looks almost triumphant as it moves back to Korudon's feet and molds into the ground again.
Schism points at Flamesong.
Feral pulls free from the sticky web.
Feral stands up.
Flamesong says, "Activity Development."
Feral mutters incoherently at Korudon.
Flamesong preens.  Someone's pleased with himself!
Korudon hums!
Feral exclaims, "Well done that man!"
Calestoa just arrived.
Schism bops Flamesong over the head.
Flamesong growls at Schism.
Calestoa sits down next to Miakoda.
Schism says, "The AD team will be designing new, non combat adventure systems."
The shadow-like webs fall off of Feral, freeing her.
Jubalee says, "they aren't combat and they aren't crafts."
Feral says, "NOT crafts."
Lifting its beak, a mangy black buzzard squawks harshly, as it watches the area alertly.
A stern, no-nonsense look crosses Feral's face.
Schism says, "But they are adventure, so you will earn experience toward your combat levels."
Schism says, "They will also use your adventure skills."
Schism says, "Our first release will be a mining area called Plataea."
Flamesong takes a sip of his wine.
Schism says, "Which will of course allow you to mine, what a shock that."
Luchianna says, "all this manual labour"
Luchianna grumbles.
Schism grins at Luchianna.
Bladeswoman Liye just arrived.
Liye sighs.
Luchianna gazes at Schism apologetically.
Liye says, "Yah"
Vaftel just arrived.
Liye says, "Found it"
Vaftel pokes Leanna in the ribs.
Flamesong hugs Liye.
Liye says, "I always have trouble with this room"
Liye kisses Flamesong on the nose.
Liye says, "Hello darling"
Feral makes a shushing noise.
Liye says, "And other darlings"
Liye settles down next to Flamesong.
Feral turns her hand slightly... energy begins to crackle around it.
Liye nods to Feral.
Schism leans on Liye.
Schism asks, "Done?"
Schism grins at Liye.
Liye nods.
Schism says, "There is also a pearl diving system on the horizon, and several others that are being worked on."
Anika gazes at Schism.
Anika drools.
Schism says, "These systems are intended to give you something other than combat and crafting to do."
Flamesong grins.
Schism says, "Variety, the spice of life."
Luchianna asks, "oooo, we get to keep the pearls??"
Schism says, "No, they all go to me for my collection."
Schism winks at Luchianna.
Quinlax sits up.
Luchianna pouts.
Seni chuckles.
Quinlax says, "Until I whack him with my flail."
Schism says, "Yes, everything you mine or haul up is yours."
Luchianna grins.
Liye blinks.
Luchianna says, "I'm liking this more"
Schism says, "There will also be quests released by the AD team."
Jubalee smiles.
Feral laughs softly and rubs her hands together.
Feral says, "I'm working on one now."
Schism nods to Feral.
Feral says, "You'll all hate me for it."
Korudon glances at Feral.
Jubalee nods.
Korudon cowers away from Feral!
Feral smiles widely, showing her wicked, pointed teeth.
Cervesus says, "sounds painful enough to satisfy anybody"
Jubalee says, "And hate her, not me, I'm only painting it."
Jubalee whistles tunelessly to herself.
Feral grins at Jubalee.
Seni asks, "how to skin in less then 5 minutes?"
Schism says, "So AD will cover a wide gamut of things that are not combat or crafting."
Seni grins at Feral.
Liye asks, "I thought we already hated you?"
Schism says, "You can never hate her enough."
Schism nods to Liye.
Feral says, "Dragonfell will make up for the niceness of Plataea and Pearl Diving."
Jubalee nods.
Flamesong chuckles.
Feral says, "And then some."
A look of malevolence crosses Feral's face.
Feral coughs.
Feral listens intently to Schism.
Miakoda snuggles up close to Calestoa laying her head on her shoulder.
Schism says, "There is also a PvC bounty hunting system in the works."
Calestoa cuddles up next to Miakoda.
Luchianna asks, "so what about us stay at home types? any new advancements there?"
Schism says, "That is months down the line, but I am working on it."
Schism peers quizzically at Luchianna.
Seeker Zanzibar just arrived.
Zanzibar sits down.
Liye asks, "Get over your agoraphobia?"
Miakoda gives Zanzibar a smooch.
Zanzibar hugs Miakoda.
Zanzibar kisses Miakoda on the cheek.
Miakoda blushes a bright red color.
Miakoda grins.
Liye winks at Luchianna.
Luchianna says, "the ones who can't fight, aren't good with maps and generally sit about doing not much at all"
Zanzibar hugs Calestoa.
Luchianna grins.
Zanzibar kisses Calestoa on the cheek.
Calestoa hugs Zanzibar.
A group of chanting priests march determinedly into the room, spying Korudon they encircle him.  Korudon is heard to mutter the word, "Soon." as they leap upon him, ensnaring him in webs and dragging him off.
Feral says, "For that, there is whittling."
Feral nods to Luchianna.
A flurry of snow suddenly blows into the area, from which Korudon strides.
Korudon mumbles something under his breath.
Schism pats Korudon on the shoulder.
Luchianna says, "bah, whittling is boring"
Zanzibar stands up.
Feral grins at Luchianna.
Flamesong says, "Just wait till you have to whittle moons for ages on end."
Flamesong grumbles.
Flamesong takes a sip of his wine.
Luchianna says, "besides I end up with blood all over me from the bloody stumps that were my fingers"
Miakoda stands up.
Luchianna sniggers.
Schism says, "All of the AD projects will give you something different to do."
Miakoda just arrived.
Miakoda sits down next to Calestoa.
Feral says, "Or will aim to kill you, or both."
Feral nods.
Schism nods to Feral.
Flamesong says, "That's not new."
Feral nods to Schism.
Flamesong grins at Feral.
Jubalee says, "Lots of killing and maiming."
Jubalee nods.
Feral says, "Lots and lots."
Feral gets a dreamy look in her eyes as she lets out a long sigh.
You can almost see the drool running down Feral's chin.
Seeker Zanzibar just arrived followed by Phaidra.
Miakoda grins.
Luchianna grins at Phaidra.
Zanzibar smiles at Phaidra.
Phaidra says, "hi all"
Zanzibar disbands his group.
Zanzibar sits down.
Phaidra hugs Zanzibar.
Luchianna glances at Phaidra and holds up one finger to her lips.
Schism asks, "Does anyone have any questions about what AD is then?"
Flamesong removes a glass of chilled white wine from his silk backpack.
Phaidra sits down.
Luchianna shakes her head.
Phaidra waves.
Schism smiles at Phaidra.
Quinlax raises his hand.
Schism nods to Quinlax.
Schism turns his hand slightly... energy begins to crackle around it.
Phaidra smiles at Schism.
Quinlax asks, "What's the A and D stand for?"
Quinlax ducks his head.
Miakoda snuggles up close to Calestoa laying her head on her shoulder.
Phaidra says, "I amsorry for making a scene"
Phaidra blushes a bright red color.
Feral says, "I  got it."
Schism bops Quinlax over the head.
Feral pulls her hand back to her opposite side and backhands at the air with an upward swing.
Quinlax reels with an invisible force and is launched into the air through a shimmering portal that opens for a moment!
Cervesus says, "good one"
Liye says, "Attention Deficit obviously"
Luchianna giggles.
Cervesus nod to Feral.
Feral nods to Cervesus.
Flamesong nods.
A shimmering portal opens up in the air, out of which falls Quinlax, who lands with a thud!
Luchianna chuckles at Quinlax.
Phaidra says, "hmm, who is bowing before whom Quin"
Phaidra snickers.
Luchianna asks, "so just because I'm curious, this mining thing, are we going to be able to mine gems?"
Luchianna asks, "like, say diamonds?"
Schism asks, "Ok, any general questions, or ideas you would like to share?"
A innocent look crosses the face of Luchianna.
Flamesong says, "Rubies......"
Schism nods to Luchianna.
Flamesong releases a contented sigh.
Liye glances at a black bag.
Schism says, "Diamonds are on the list."
Luchianna grins.
Luchianna says, "good stuff"
Liye asks, "How big of a diamond?"
Luchianna says, "can never have too many diamonds"
Schism says, "Smaller than your head."
Luchianna runs her fingers over a delicate diamond and emerald flying dove charm.
Flamesong says, "probably depends on your skill."
Flamesong grins at Liye.
Liye says, "Like what quality gem are we talking about "
Schism nods to Flamesong.
Liye frowns at Schism.
Phaidra says, "ohhh them will be big then"
Liye says, "Too small then"
Phaidra giggles.
Feral coughs.
Feral says, "No diamonds yet actually."
Schism snaps his fingers.
As Luchianna turns her dove charm it reflects the available light and radiates brightly.
Schism asks, "You sure?"
Flamesong exclaims, "He promised!"
Schism peers quizzically at Feral.
Luchianna grins at Seni.
Feral says, "Positive."
Schism says, "Ok, I lied."
Luchianna growls.
Anika leans on Flamesong.
Feral says, "But there are various uncut gems."
Schism says, "Wrong list."
Liye says, "Better get busy on that.."
Zanzibar raises his hand, palm out, in Schism's direction.
Luchianna says, "I hope you get diamonds on that list"
Schism says, "Diamonds are on the "SOON" list."
Phaidra asks, "I am sorry because I got here late, but just what will we be able to mine?"
Feral says, "Sapphires, opals.. "
Flamesong takes a sip of his wine.
Feral says, "As well as raw ores."
Liye exclaims, "Smithing!"
Feral says, "Such as iron, silver, copper and tin."
Phaidra nods.
Luchianna asks, "will we be able to make stuff with the materials we mine?"
Feral says, "Plataea will be an area that -supports- crafts."
Schism says, "They will be used for smithing, but smithing will be a craft, so that is not an AD project."
Cervesus asks, "what, no bauxite?"
Anika asks, "Platinum?"
Anika gazes at Feral.
Jubalee says, "When those crafts come out, yes."
Luchianna says, "ah you beat me to it"
Liye says, "I know that"
Liye nods.
Feral says, "Not yet, no."
Anika snaps her fingers.
Phaidra asks, "sorry Schism, AD?"
Flamesong says, "We will need platinum soon."
Flamesong grins.
Schism says, "Activities Development."
Jubalee says, "Activities Development."
Feral says, "We will add items as crafts are released that will need different metals or stones."
Phaidra nods.
Liye says, "So it will be the admin asst of Crafting"
Liye grins.
Phaidra says, "thank you"
Schism says, "We make the things that keep you from being bored."
Schism winks at Phaidra.
Phaidra chuckles.
Schism says, "AD will be noncombat adventure systems.  So they are not crafting systems."
Phaidra says, "well that has not happened yet, you all have managed to keep me well entertained"
Phaidra chuckles.
Feral removes a warm cup of blood from her human-skin haversack.
Jubalee smiles at Phaidra.
Luchianna asks, "erm, I'm just wondering if we could get a sailing system? so we don't have to wait for the ships to take us across to Egypt or Midguard?"
Schism says, "You will earn exp for mining, and you can also sell your goods for dinar as well."
Luchianna ducks her head.
Feral slurps noisily as she takes a hearty sip of her blood.
Phaidra says, "what about textiles? I would eventually like to be a designer of some sort"
Schism says, "Textiles would be a craft."
Flamesong says, "That's a craft item."
Jubalee nods.
Schism nods to Flamesong.
Flamesong looks at Schism and blushes.
Liye says, "There's going to be sewing and stuff"
Flamesong says, "Sorry."
Calestoa cuddles up next to Miakoda.
Liye points at Jubalee.
Feral says, "One at a time folks, or we'll turn the box on."
Phaidra asks, "hmmm, so raising silk worms though is not?"
Zanzibar raises his hand.
Schism says, "Which does not mean you will not get it, just that it does not fall under the AD umbrella."
Cervesus says, "course ya could be a farmer to grow the flax or cotton"
Miakoda snuggles up close to Calestoa laying her head on her shoulder.
Cervesus nods to Phaidra.
Luchianna says, "I thought we already had sewing"
Phaidra nods to you.
Jubalee says, "Yes, I'm working on converting sewing over to the crafting system.  I won't say soon because I'm trying to figure out the scripts."
Liye pats Jubalee on the knee.
Flamesong takes a sip of his wine.
Jubalee says, "It is out, just not in the crafting system yet."
Luchianna nods.
Phaidra tucks her legs beneath her.
Schism says, "Ok, raise your hands so I can keep track of who is asking questions."
Luchianna raises her hand.
Schism nods to Luchianna.
Zanzibar raises his hand.
Luchianna says, "I was wondering about two things"
Luchianna asks, "first up, how about an independent sailing system so we don't have to take the big ships?"
Feral says, "That is on the list of potential ideas to develop."
A decomposing sparrow lifts its head and nuzzles Korudon's ear before warbling a heart-rending melody.
Luchianna asks, "and second of all I was wondering about Athen's stance on slave trading?"
Schism says, "There is also the premium transport system if you do not like the ships."
Feral says, "But it would be fraught with perils."
Schism says, "I would not be comfortable releasing a slave trading system."
Liye frowns at Luchianna.
Liye raises her hand.
Luchianna shrugs.
Zanzibar chuckles to himself.
Flamesong ponders.
Schism points at Jacinda.
Schism asks, "Agreed?"
Luchianna says, "variety is the spice of life"
Liye nods to Schism.
Flamesong mutters don't give me bad thoughts.......
Leanna shudders.
Liye says, "Slavers have been roleplayed"
Luchianna says, "we already got acolytes"
Liye says, "But to actually have them..would be very wrong"
Schism says, "Yes, but slaves have not been supported."
Schism nods to Liye.
Flamesong says, "That's why you have a 2nd account."
Jacinda nods to Schism.
Flamesong grins at Luchianna.
Schism nods to Zanzibar.
Luchianna sticks out her tongue and lets loose with a loud, "Thbtbtbtbt" from her lips!
Luchianna grins.
Leanna says, "Well, you have to consider, we live in an AU type version of Ancient Greece."
Schism asks, "Your question?"
Leanna says, "As far as we've always played the Athenians- they're
Luchianna says, "i'm just trying to get you to look at new different ideas"
Leanna says, "The real Athens, not. But we've always played it along those lines here."
Zanzibar asks, "there will be three exp systems now..combat and related, crafting and mining?"
Schism shakes his head.
Anika removes a glass of strawberry wine from her sapphire-blue ipposaks.
Jubalee says, "All ideas are welcome.  But might not be implimented."
Anika takes a drink from her strawberry wine.
Luchianna says, "oh I have another question"
Luchianna raises her hand.
Schism says, "All AD systems will award adventure experience, which is what combat awards."
Zanzibar smiles at Schism.
Zanzibar chuckles.
Zanzibar says, "thanks"
Miakoda raises her hand.
Schism says, "So you will have your adventure skills, and your crafting skills."
Schism points at Liye.
Zanzibar nods to Schism.
Liye blinks at Schism.
Luchianna says, "have you considered developing a flying scheme? the Greeks were famed for trying it first and well failing"
Luchianna chuckles.
Schism says, "You raised your hand."
Liye says, "Yah but I forgot my question"
Liye sighs.
Zanzibar glances at Luchianna.
Flamesong asks, "You want to fall to your death trying to fly?"
Schism grins at Liye.
Lifting its beak, a mangy black buzzard squawks harshly, as it watches the area alertly.
Phaidra laughs!
Luchianna says, "well it's something new to try"
Bonk just arrived.
Luchianna shrugs.
Bonk sits down.
Zanzibar raises his hand.
Schism nods to Luchianna.
Schism says, "It can be considered."
Schism points at Miakoda.
Luchianna grins at Schism.
Miakoda asks, "Will AD systems offer adventure experience equal to that of combat?"
Schism shakes his head.
Schism says, "Combat will always be the fastest way to earn adventure experience."
Miakoda says, "Ok."
Phaidra raises her hand.
Miakoda pouts.
Schism nods to Zanzibar.
Bonk grins at Zanzibar.
Zanzibar asks, "will AD be skill based? and if so, what skills?"
Schism says, "Yes, and it would depend on the system."
Feral says, "That will depend on the system."
Feral grins at Schism.
Schism grins at Feral.
Schism says, "It will use your adventure skills."
Liye rolls her eyes.
Miakoda raises her hand.
Calestoa raises her hand.
Zanzibar chuckles.
Flamesong says, "And you two need to get out of each others headss."
Zanzibar says, "so, older is better>"
(Flamesong shakes his finger at Schism and Feral.)
Feral says, "But I like it there."
Phaidra grins at Feral.
Liye looks at Feral and shudders.
Schism says, "That would depend on the system, but more than likely, yes."
Anika says, "That's...scary.."
Anika edges away from Feral.
Zanzibar nods to Schism.
Zanzibar says, "thanks"
Feral smirks at Anika.
Luchianna says, "so as usual it's the older folk who benefit"
Zanzibar sticks his tongue out at Luchianna!
Feral says, "Not entirely, no."
Feral says, "Plataea, for instance... "
Jubalee says, "Not really."
Luchianna says, "surely the point of AD is to give an advantage to those who choose not to hunt"
Feral says, "Is a mix of skill points per level, AND overall skill."
Feral says, "So you benefit both from where you train it, as well as getting a bonus for how much total skill."
Luchianna says, "well I think I'll still be stuck not being able to do much at all"
Zanzibar says, "but to hunt would seem to improve you AD ability"
Calestoa asks, "will you post on the AOH webpage the skills needed for different crafting and AD once it's all up?"
Feral says, "We aren't anything to do with crafting."
Phaidra raises her hand.
Feral says, "And I'm inclined to leave most of the AD system skill reqs to mystery."
Feral says, "They will be logical though."
Bonk asks, "and milk will factor in the AD system how?"
Zanzibar chuckles at Feral.
Schism says, "100% bonus."
Schism nods to Bonk.
Miakoda giggles at Bonk.
Zanzibar lets out a howl for Bonk!
Schism says, "But only dragon milk."
Cervesus grins at Bonk.
Seni removes a bottle of fresh milk from her doeskin pack.
Flamesong says, "I would imagine it's like everything else, they don't tell us the skills, but some people will likely figure them out and put them on a website."
Schism says, "Milked on the 5th Tuesday of Feburary."
Jubalee chuckles.
Seni offers Bonk a bottle of fresh milk.
Flamesong shrugs.
Bonk accepts Seni's fresh milk.
Seni chuckles at Bonk.
Schism nods to Flamesong.
Bonk grins at Seni.
Seni says, "enjoy"
Seni chuckles at Bonk.
Calestoa says, "Thanks Flame"
Phaidra laughs!
Zanzibar chuckles at Schism.
Calestoa nods to Flamesong.
Schism nods to Phaidra.
Bonk says, "thanks"
Luchianna asks, "can I ask another question?"
Flamesong says, "That seems to happen with everything at some time or another."
Luchianna raises her hand.
Calestoa nods to Flamesong.
Phaidra says, "this may be totally out of the realm but I would liek to see more quests"
Schism says, "There will be more quests."
Schism grins at Phaidra.
Jubalee says, "Will be."
Phaidra says, "even the simple ones, like chasing mice was fun"
Zanzibar nods to Phaidra.
Jubalee nods to Phaidra.
Luchianna raises her hand.
Schism says, "We are working on the Mother of a Quest right now."
Jubalee grins.
Feral laughs softly and rubs her hands together.
Phaidra chuckles.
Bonk asks, "where babies come from?"
Schism says, "They will not all be massive quests."
Phaidra says, "that is such a nasty laugh feral"
Miakoda says, "where little questlings come from."
Miakoda nods to Bonk.
Liye raises her hand.
Schism nods to Cervesus.
Feral says, "Thanks."
Luchianna raises her hand.
Feral grins at Phaidra.
Jubalee says, "But some will."
Schism grins at Jubalee.
Liye asks, "Speaking of mothers, can we have that woman who drops her kid in the well taken care of?"
Feral glances at Liye and holds up one finger to her lips.
Luchianna raises her hand.
Schism asks, "Cervesus, did you have a question?"
Leanna snickers at Liye.
Schism nods to Luchianna.
Luchianna says, "two things"
Luchianna asks, "first, guilds: how far along are you with those?"
Luchianna peers quizzically at Schism.
Zanzibar grins.
Feral says, "Guilds are not our project."
Jacinda says, "They are on hold for right now."
Luchianna nods.
Schism says, "No idea, I am not on the guilds team, and this is not a Guild forum."
Feral points at Jacinda.
Feral says, "What she said."
Feral asks, "The second thing?"
Feral peers quizzically at Luchianna.
Luchianna says, "I forgot the other thing, I'll ask again when I remember"
Luchianna frowns.
Schism grins.
Liye raises her hand.
Schism nods to Liye.
Luchianna scratches her head.
Liye says, "I've a real question this time"
Schism asks, "You sure?"
Feral gawks at Liye.
Phaidra mutters sheesh , must be hard getting olde
Phaidra snickers.
Zanzibar tickles Phaidra.
Liye says, "Could the well come into a quest? Or for any ad use..cause I'd like to see it used for more then beer water and as a godling to talk to."
Flamesong gives Phaidra a playful poke in the ribs.
Phaidra squirms.
Zanzibar looks over at Phaidra and shakes his head.
Schism chuckles at Liye.
Phaidra giggles at Flamesong.
Luchianna says, "oh"
Schism asks, "You want the well to play a part in a new quest?"
Luchianna raises her hand.
Liye says, "I'm fond of the well.."
Liye nods to Schism.
Bonk says, "wish fairy lives in the well"
Liye looks over at Bonk and shakes her head.
Schism says, "I do not see why not."
Schism glances at Feral.
Luchianna waves at Schism.
Feral says, "How about we throw people down it and leave you to fend for yourselves against evil well-monsters."
Schism glances at Luchianna.
Schism says, "I saw you raise your hand."
Liye says, "Or make people have to scrap lichen off it for alchemical stuff"
Luchianna says, "I remembered what it was"
Flamesong says, "As long as the well spits up gems, I'm ok with that."
Schism chuckles at Flamesong.
Phaidra asks, "you know quin washes his socks in there , right Liye?"
Zanzibar grins at Flamesong.
Schism says, "We can see about including the well in future quests."
Liye says, "Explains the stink"
Feral nods.
Schism nods to Luchianna.
Liye says, "Thank you"
Luchianna asks, "do we have a system for painting yet?"
Flamesong says, "That'll be crafting."
Schism says, "No, that would be a crafting system though."
Luchianna nods.
Schism says, "You would be making the painting."
Flamesong says, "I'd like to see a quest for specialized titles."
Schism says, "Or making the painted house or shed."
Zanzibar chuckles.
Anika takes a drink from her strawberry wine.
Phaidra laughs!
Schism says, "That could be a reward for completing certain quests."
Flamesong nods.
Liye nods.
Zanzibar glances at Schism.
Miakoda raises her hand.
Phaidra says, "ohh I like that Flame"
Phaidra nods to Flamesong.
Flamesong says, "Or even something like a battle quest to get a different ululate."
Flamesong says, "Cause quite frankly, some of them are a bit silly."
Flamesong gets a silly grin on his face.
Schism nods to Flamesong.
Luchianna raises her hand.
Zanzibar chuckles at Flamesong.
Schism says, "Those can be adjusted to allow a quest to award new features."
Phaidra snorts.
Flamesong says, "It just tickles me when Anika ululates."
Flamesong winks at Anika.
Phaidra says, "Ihappen to like my silly ululate thank you very much"
Anika sticks her tongue out at Flamesong!
Liye glances at Flamesong.
Bonk says, "maybe quests in the different cities too, for those that don't spend a lot of time in Athens"
Anika says, "I rather like mine, too, thank you."
Jubalee nods to Bonk.
Zanzibar nods to Bonk.
Jubalee says, "Will be."
Flamesong asks, "Hey hinny hey?"
Flamesong snorts at Anika.
Anika says, "It just sounds odd to you non-Taurs."
Anika snorts derisively.
Liye raises an eyebrow in Anika's direction.
In a sudden flurry of claws and fangs, Feral rises into the air and blinks out of existence.
Suddenly, the air itself is torn to shreds as Feral claws her way into
Terror Feral just arrived.
Feral mutters something under her breath.
Phaidra says, "opppps"
Schism says, "Of course, if you have ideas for quests, or AD projects, feel free to send them to anyone you see here."
A flurry of snow suddenly blows in, blocking your view of Korudon.  When it clears he is gone.
Schism says, "Well, any GameMaster you see here."
Feral says, "Well, me."
An ugly bald vulture suddenly leaps from Bonk's shoulder to the floor searching for morsels to snack on. After a moment, it lurches into the air to fly once around Bonk's head before it returns to its original perch.
Schism points at Feral.
Flamesong takes a sip of his wine.
Feral grins.
Schism says, "She is the head of the AD team though."
Anika takes a drink from her strawberry wine.
Liye raises her hand.
Schism nods to Liye.
Feral says, "But you can send them to Schism, and he can do all the admin work for me."
Feral nods.
Phaidra says, "ohh a vulture, neat"
Liye says, "I know we don't have professions anymore"
Liye says, "But what about like secret handshakes or winks or something"
Schism says, "That could be included in the Guild systems."
Liye says, "Just something goofy to greet other people who kinda have the same skills.."
(Flamesong gives Liye a secret wink.)
Liye ponders.
Liye says, "Yah..ok the guilds would work better"
Jubalee says, "That would probably be guild stuff."
Schism grins at Liye.
Jubalee nods.
Jacinda says, "That is something I'm looking at for guilds."
Feral says, "Titles and signs and suchlike is guild."
Feral nods.
Phaidra says, "ohh my, I bet Nadir is glad he came in "
Phaidra chuckles.
Schism says, "I believe things like that were promised at con '03."
Jubalee says, "He likes Hades."
Feral says, "Another idea we were toying with, and I'd appreciate input on... "
Liye ponders.
Anika says, "So why don't we have them."
Flamesong says, "There should be a quest that gives you access to a Flame shrine."
Anika stares at Schism.
Flamesong ducks his head.
Feral says, "Is a training/sparring type area."
Schism looks at Anika and shrugs.
Phaidra coughs.
Miakoda nods to Calestoa.
Liye nods to Feral.
Liye says, "What's his name..was working on something like that..Melatha.  I have detailed notes on that stuff if you wanna talk"
Feral says, "Where you'd pay a fee for say 15 minutes or 30 minutes... You'd have an NPC trainer take you through a "session"..."
Feral says, "It would be more concentrated on form of combat, than actual combat is."
Luchianna raises her hand.
Bonk asks, "trainer in what?"
Bonk rummages around in his pockets.
Bonk nods.
Arlene just arrived.
Arlene sits down next to Quinlax.
Liye asks, "Like a way to learn complex combo's or something?"
Liye raises an eyebrow in Feral's direction.
Quinlax kisses Arlene deeply.
Feral says, "It'd basically be RPish."
Schism says, "No, just a new way for us to beat on you."
Schism grins at Liye.
Zanzibar says, "that should be skill based...not from a quest"
Phaidra chuckles.
Liye says, "Oh well.."
Liye says, "Dang then"
Feral says, "It'd be something to do."
Flamesong says, "That would be neat quest though, special combos."
Bonk says, "shoot, thinking other type of "sessions""
Flamesong says, "Err, be a neat quest."
Liye nods to Flamesong.
Flamesong coughs.
Liye says, "To learn complex things"
Liye says, "Stuff you'd never think to try on your own"
Feral asks, "Combat abilities via quest?"
Luchianna raises her hand.
Liye says, "Sure.."
Feral ponders.
Liye says, "Showy stuff not necessarily killing stuff"
Schism nods to Liye.
Liye says, "Stuff we can do at the gate and show off..make us look badarse"
Zanzibar says, "maybe not learning combos, but being able to execute them with more proficiency "
Flamesong says, "Even if the combos gave no bonus, just cool messaging."
Leanna grins at Liye.
Leanna says, "That'd be fun."
Schism asks, "So combos with cool messaging, but not necessarily great results?"
Zanzibar shakes his head.
Liye nods to Schism.
Flamesong says, "Great results would be better."
Zanzibar says, "dumb"
Feral grins at Flamesong.
Liye says, "But not necessary"
Flamesong says, "But if not possible, cool messaging would work too."
Phaidra nudges Zanzibar with her elbow.
Leanna says, "But we'd settle for showing off. Cuz.. really, we're show offs."
Flamesong grins.
Flamesong nods to Leanna.
Liye nods to Leanna.
Flamesong says, "I mean come on, look at the way we dress."
Liye asks, "Maybe a form of posturing..ya know?"
Schism grins at Flamesong.
Flamesong says, "Well, a number of us anyway."
Flamesong says, "Well, ok....me."
Zanzibar chuckles at Flamesong.
Leanna grins at Flamesong.
Phaidra says, "there ya go Flame"
Schism says, "Well, they would be at least as good as normal combos."
Phaidra grins.
Schism nods to Luchianna.
Liye mutters thank god I have better fashion sense
Luchianna asks, "I know this probably isn't AD related but I was remembering how ages ago there was talk about new private areas becoming available for renting by private citizens for parties or small gatherings and the like. Is that still likely to happen?"
Liye exclaims, "Catering!"
Liye giggles.
Feral says, "No idea.  Not our thing."
Leanna says, "Or even just being able to twirl your sword or show off with it. I keep thinking like.. those kung-fu movies where they do elaborate moves just to spook the oponent."
Schism glances at Jubalee.
Liye says, "That was a project gm Ianthe was working on"
Liye says, "Ages ago"
Gerett just left.
Schism asks, "Think that would be GM assisted events?"
Liye says, "I know way to much"
Flamesong asks, "Everybody was kung fu fighting?"
Luchianna says, "no"
Liye nods to Leanna.
Leanna says, "Eryx worked on it too."
Liye says, "That's exactly what i was thinking Leanna"
Jubalee says, "Eryx was the last one working on it.  I can check into it and see where it's at."
Zanzibar grins at Flamesong.
Luchianna says, "just regular citizens renting the space and doing their own thing in it"
Liye nods to Leanna.
Luchianna says, "thanks"
Schism shrugs.
Liye says, "Yall need to hype GM assisted events btw.."
Jubalee chuckles.
Liye says, "And Jubs we need to talk about the engagement party"
Feral says, "Wrong Forum."
Liye says, "Now that the paegent is over"
Jubalee nods to Liye.
Feral glowers darkly at Liye.
Flamesong says, "There are private rooms available in the midgard estate."
Liye cowers in fear.
Jubalee says, "Ok, catch me another time."
Liye says, "Sorry"
Leanna says, "I think.. this proves, we need a forum on just plain game ideas and improvement."
Announcement: Hyping GM assisted events now.
Luchianna says, "we're talking about larger areas available to non estate members as well Flamesong"
Miakoda giggles.
Flamesong giggles.
Announcement: Don't believe the hype!
Zanzibar chuckles.
Liye grins.
Miakoda laughs!
Flamesong says, "Great, dueling announcements."
Flamesong sighs.
Flamesong guzzles down his chilled white wine in one mighty gulp.  Are we impressed?
Phaidra dissolves into a fit of giggles.
Jubalee chuckles.
Flamesong removes a glass of chilled white wine from his silk backpack.
Liye says, "back to that training thing"
Seni removes a mug of dark roasted coffee from her doeskin pack.
Feral says, "Ok, general GM consensus is we like the idea of some kind of special move or verb being granted as a quest reward."
Seni takes a sip of her coffee.
Seni takes a long, slow sip of her coffee.
Liye says, "What leanna said earlier is exactly what i was thinking.."
Flamesong exclaims, "Woohoo!"
Phaidra nods to Feral.
Zanzibar says, "if you make the combo or move non-fatiguing, that would be great"
Flamesong asks, "Would getting your hair cut be an AD type thing?"
Flamesong grins at Feral.
Schism grins at Zanzibar.
Zanzibar says, "cause they are too tiring now"
Feral sticks her tongue out at Flamesong, and lets out with a loud,
"Thbtbtbtbt" from her lips!
Flamesong says, "hey, it's an activity."
Liye says, "I think an RP posing thing..would be awesome"
Feral exclaims, "We said yes!"
Leanna says, "Flame's gonna keep pushing this until you agree that shopping should give exp."
Feral flails her arms about.
Feral says, "We'll look into it."
Liye grins at Feral.
Liye says, "Sorry"
Flamesong giggles.
Liye exclaims, "Brain churning!"
Phaidra laughs at Leanna.
Flamesong says, "EXP for shopping....."
Schism says, "I have no problem with shopping giving exp."
Flamesong drools.
Feral says, "Brain splatting in a minute."
Feral nods to Liye.
Luchianna says, "great"
Luchianna beams!
Liye says, "HA! I'd be super ancient if that was possible"
Schism asks, "What do you think of -1 exp per dinar spent?"
Liye grins at Flamesong.
Feral glances at Schism.
Luchianna says, "I live to shop"
Flamesong snorts at Schism.
(Phaidra holds her hands over her mouth)
Feral releases a long sigh of relief.
Schism smirks.
Zanzibar asks, "shop for scalps...Feral?"
Flamesong asks, "You want me back to level 1?"
Miakoda raises her hand.
Schism grins at Flamesong.
Lifting its beak, an ugly bald vulture squawks harshly, as it watches the area alertly.
Luchianna asks, "can I ask another question?"
Schism nods to Luchianna.
Luchianna raises her hand.
Luchianna says, "I know it's kind of homes related but I was wondering about having a cooking system, like baking or whatever, available to those who don't have homes as well"
Luchianna grins.
Feral says, "Crafting."
Liye nods.
Schism says, "That would be a craft, and it would not require that you have a home."
Liye raises her hand.
Anika takes a drink from her strawberry wine.
Miakoda asks, "So when will the mining area thingie place I can't remember the name of open?"
Schism nods to Miakoda.
Gerett just arrived.
Jubalee says, "Plataea."
Gerett plops down onto the floor.
Schism says, "That should be this month."
Flamesong says, "They're gonna use the S word...."
Miakoda beams!
Flamesong says, "Maybe not."
Flamesong grins.
Liye blinks at Schism.
Flamesong says, "Bah,"
Anika snickers.
Miakoda giggles.
Liye raises her hand.
Feral smirks at Flamesong.
Anika says, "You asked for it."
Luchianna asks, "erm can I ask another question?"
Anika gives Flamesong a soft poke in the ribs.
Luchianna raises her hand.
Nadir arrives in a puff of smoke!
Flamesong leans on Liye.
Zanzibar asks, "will special tools and such be required?"
Phaidra takes a moment to dust Nadir off and make sure his clothing is straight.
Flamesong takes a sip of his wine.
Miakoda says, "Really sharp nails."
Schism says, "They will be availible when it is released."
Miakoda nods to Zanzibar.
Schism nods to Zanzibar.
Schism nods to Liye.
Zanzibar nods to Schism.
Schism asks, "Did you have a question?"
Flamesong says, "Unless you want to mine with your bare hands."
Flamesong chuckles.
Liye says, "More quest ideas..Put random fires around town"
Liye says, "When athens burned that was a great idea"
Zanzibar says, "harpy claws might work"
Liye says, "AD...a volunteer fire department"
Liye nods.
Feral chuckles.
Schism grins at Liye.
Flamesong says, "Just not in shopping areas."
Phaidra says, "well Cerberus does not seem to have damaged you too badly Nadir"
Liye shrugs.
Phaidra grins.
Liye says, "Something to do"
Luchianna agrees with Flamesong.
Schism nods to Luchianna.
Schism asks, "Your question?"
Luchianna says, "now I know this is going to be contraversial"
Luchianna asks, "but I was wondering about an AD system like babies?"
Schism glances at Jacinda.
Flamesong guzzles down his chilled white wine in one mighty gulp.  Are we impressed?
Miakoda stands up.
Luchianna says, "could have baby shops with all the bits and pieces"
Anika takes a drink from her strawberry wine.
Luchianna grins.
Flamesong asks, "Bits and pieces of babies?"
The blood slowly drains from Flamesong's face.
Schism asks, "Boss?"
Feral squints at Luchianna.
Jacinda says, "Those would be more special merchants than an AD system"
Leanna babbles incoherently.
Liye shudders.
Zanzibar chuckles at Jacinda.
Phaidra says, "that would be ferals department"
Flamesong says, "Shops wouldn't really be an AD thing I don't think."
Liye says, "She wants the babies in her belly"
Zanzibar stands up.
Flamesong giggles at Liye.
Luchianna says, "no, not bits and pieces of babies, nappies, bottles, milk"
Luchianna chuckles.
Jubalee says, "I really doubt Feral wants anything to do with babies other than eating them."
Schism says, "3,000 dinar for a baby's head?  Come on, the thing is small, it should not be more than 1,500."
Schism grins.
Seeker Zanzibar just arrived.
Quinlax grins at Arlene.
Leanna shudders.
Quinlax snuggles up close to Arlene laying his head on her shoulder.
Feral says, "We are not merchants."
Jacinda asks, "So you want baby related items?"
Phaidra laughs at Schism.
Jacinda peers quizzically at Luchianna.
Liye ponders.
Luchianna says, "I just think it might be interesting"
Calestoa says, "Baby clothing"
Luchianna shrugs.
Liye says, "I think estate is gonna have that soon"
Seeker Zanzibar just arrived followed by Alteena, Miakoda and Xevak.
Zanzibar disbands his group.
Jacinda nods to Luchianna.
Zanzibar sits down.
Alteena curtsies.
Alteena sits down.
Anika smiles at Xevak.
Xevak sits at Feral's feet.
Luchianna asks, "I mean how many people have rp'd babies but not actually had one?"
Anika raises an eyebrow in Xevak's direction.
Luchianna shrugs.
Zanzibar nods to Alteena.
Jubalee says, "Shops are really not AD stuff."
Miakoda sits down next to Calestoa.
Xevak grins at Anika.
Feral kicks Xevak!
Phaidra grins at Zanzibar.
Flamesong says, "A lot of people have had them."
A mangy black buzzard hops on Quinlax's shoulder, ruffling its feathers quickly before settling down.
Flamesong says, "I've been there for several."
Liye glances at Flamesong.
Luchianna nods to Flamesong.
Liye says, "We won't be"
Luchianna says, "exactly"
Zanzibar nods to Phaidra.
Liye folds her arms across her chest.
Flamesong nods to Liye.
Feral says, "End of baby discussion."
Feral grins.
Jubalee says, "And we won't be awarding exp for having babies."
Flamesong shudders.
Liye says, "Thank you"
Zanzibar nods to Feral.
Luchianna grins.
Luchianna snaps her fingers.
Leanna looks at Jubalee and shudders.
Anika lets out a hearty cheer for Jubalee!
Luchianna chuckles.
Miakoda says, "Thank the gods."
Miakoda giggles.
Liye says, "So we could use well water and put out fires in athens"
Zanzibar asks, "what about for practicing?"
Zanzibar glances at Jubalee.
Liye says, "That would be a good quest"
Liye nods.
Miakoda giggles at Zanzibar.
Anika looks at Zanzibar and gags.
Feral says, "Scuse me a moment, something unpleasant sat on my foot."
Schism smirks at Zanzibar.
Bonk says, "drink the well water then put out the fires"
Feral pulls her hand back to her opposite side and backhands at the air with an upward swing.
Xevak reels with an invisible force and is launched into the air through a shimmering portal that opens for a moment!
Bonk winks.
Schism nods to Liye.
Zanzibar throws back his head and howls.
Phaidra says, "opps"
A shimmering portal opens up in the air, out of which falls Xevak, who lands with a thud!
Luchianna gawks at Xevak.
Liye says, "I don't drink Sid's beer"
Xevak jumps to his feet!
Anika asks, "Hey Feral, can you do that to him?"
Anika points at Zanzibar.
Phaidra says, "touchy tonight Feral"
Liye ponders.
Zanzibar smiles at Anika.
Xevak sits down next to Anika.
Feral says, "And last night.. and tomorrow night."
Liye says, "Hrm..more quests.."
Xevak hugs Luchianna.
Flamesong says, "I think this has been talked about before, but what about caravans, travelers etc that would need bodyguards."
Feral nods to Phaidra.
Luchianna hugs Xevak.
Liye nods to Flamesong.
Jubalee nods to Flamesong.
Feral says, "That's on the list."
Feral nods to Flamesong.
Flamesong nods.
Schism asks, "Ok, has anyone raised their hand and not asked their question?"
Flamesong says, "Thought it would be."
Phaidra says, "ahhh, yes, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt"
Phaidra grins.
Zanzibar smiles at Flamesong.
Jubalee says, "It's a coder's nightmare!  I like it."
Schism looks at Jubalee and sighs.
Schism says, "We also have treasure maps on the list."
Liye chuckles.
Jubalee grins.
Luchianna asks, "who do I hassle about homes stuff?"
Luchianna grins at Feral.
Schism says, "Which will also be difficult to code."
Zanzibar asks, "maps that actually can be used?"
Feral says, "Nobody here."
Zanzibar chuckles to himself.
Phaidra says, "ohhh treasure maps, Ilike that , kinda like a scavenger hunt"
Feral says, "Post on the boards."
Feral nods to Luchianna.
Schism nods to Phaidra.
Luchianna nods.
Gerett just left.
Feral says, "And yes, maps that will lead you to a location."
Liye sighs.
Bonk asks, "if have treasure maps going to let people randomly dig and hope to get lucky?"
Liye says, "Great"
Liye says, "I suck at reading maps"
Schism looks over at Bonk and shakes his head.
Luchianna grins at Liye.
Schism says, "You can dig all you want though."
Phaidra says, "team up with Seni Liye, between the two of you................."
Zanzibar laughs at Schism.
Seni chuckles at Phaidra.
Seni says, "havent got lost in days"
Seni chuckles at Phaidra.
Flamesong says, "I never get lost."
Phaidra grins at Seni.
Flamesong sniffles.
Schism says, "I am not sure the maps will actually LOOK like maps or not."
Liye glances at Phaidra.
Zanzibar says, "a good rumor to start"
Liye says, "This from the woman who follows me in Midgard"
Liye grins at Phaidra.
Schism says, "That would end up being ASCII art."
Phaidra chuckles at Liye.
Liye ponders.
Lifting its beak, an ugly bald vulture squawks harshly, as it watches the area alertly.
Feral gives herself a little shake.
Liye says, "So people will be runnin around diggin holes like dogs searching for treasure/"
Liye says, "That's gonna be amusing as all heck"
Luchianna raises her hand.
Schism grins at Liye.
Zanzibar says, "that is the rumor to start Liye"
Schism nods to Luchianna.
Phaidra says, "not only are we gonna haf ta watch out fer critters , but how holes in the terrain too"
Phaidra giggles.
Luchianna asks, "will the world as we know it be expanding at all to include Eire or Britannia?"
Jubalee says, "That isn't AD stuff."
Schism nods to Jubalee.
Schism says, "Although nothing says we cannot do that."
Luchianna says, "well it's not hunting or craft related"
Luchianna grins.
Liye shakes her head.
Liye says, "No no"
Zanzibar raises his hand.
Liye says, "Our world's big enough"
Liye says, "Half of it doesn't get used as is"
Bonk nods to Liye.
Feral nods to Liye.
Luchianna says, "well I'd like to go home to Eire"
Luchianna shrugs.
Flamesong says, "I Wouldn't mind Ch'in though, they have great shopping there."
Zanzibar says, "and I'd like to hunt there"
Lifting its head, a frothing mermel chitters quietly, as it watches the area alertly.
Schism says, "I would much rather see our manpower used to make new things for you to do than just new areas for you to visit."
Zanzibar nods to Schism.
Feral nods to Schism.
Feral says, "Womanpower."
Luchianna grins.
Flamesong says, "We won't need a bigger world till we have a bigger population."
Feral says, "Wildlingpower."
Schism says, "Godpower."
Phaidra says, "yes, I agree Schism, new areas get olde fast"
Liye says, "People power"
Zanzibar says, "non-human power"
Liye nods.
Feral says, "Etc."
Zanzibar glances at Feral.
Bonk asks, "oxymoron?"
Leanna says, "But.. big.. worlds... are.. fun."
Bonk ducks his head.
Leanna sniffles.
Leanna says, "New areas are great."
Liye frowns at Leanna.
Zanzibar chuckles at Bonk.
Luchianna agrees with Leanna.
Feral asks, "You had a question Zanzibar?"
Schism says, "I am not saying we will not have new areas."
Luchianna raises her hand.
Phaidra winks at Bonk.
Schism says, "But things like Eire and Britannia are HUGE undertakings."
Zanzibar says, "well, yes....not directly related to AD..but I believe, affects its growth"
Flamesong says, "The boat ride alone would take forever."
Flamesong giggles.
Feral listens intently to Zanzibar.
Liye snorts at Flamesong.
Feral says, "Technically, it'd be closer than Midgard."
Liye says, "I don't take boats anymore"
Zanzibar asks, "what is being done to market HX..nice to make stuff, but who ya gonna sell it to?"
Liye glances at Zanzibar.
Liye giggles.
Feral grins at Zanzibar.
Zanzibar says, "seriouusly"
Luchianna raises her hand.
Feral says, "Odd you should say that."
Schism says, "We are actually making new steps and strides to expand our marketing."
Liye nods to Feral.
Feral points at Jacinda.
Phaidra says, "hah! anything is closer than MIdgard"
Zanzibar nods to Schism.
Schism leans on Jacinda.
Jacinda says, "HO is now putting out a web based newsletter for us"
Zanzibar asks, "no more kids lookinf for graphics?"
Flamesong asks, "Where's the pictures?"
Schism says, "We will put Jacinda on a big stick and wave her around, that is one thing we are going to do to market AOH."
Flamesong giggles.
Bonk asks, "more happy endings?"
Zanzibar lets out a howl for Jacinda!
Jacinda says, "If that is successful, I'll push for more advertising"
Feral grins at Schism.
Luchianna raises her hand.
Liye says, "OH that will lure tons of peope in Schism"
Flamesong asks, "How do I win this game?"
Zanzibar says, "nice to hear that...an economy would be nice"
Feral pulls her hand back to her opposite side and backhands at the air with an upward swing.
Flamesong reels with an invisible force and is launched into the air through a shimmering portal that opens for a moment!
Liye says, "I'd know it hook me if I wasn't hooked already"
Liye blinks at Zanzibar.
Jacinda nods to Zanzibar.
Anika giggles.
Schism grins at Liye.
Leanna says, "The problem is... we don't have much in the game for players to gush about to others."
A shimmering portal opens up in the air, out of which falls Flamesong, who lands with a thud!
Leanna chuckles.
Flamesong sits up.
Flamesong takes a moment to dust himself off.
Zanzibar says, "not yet"
Liye says, "I think the economy is slowly being recitfied by making us broke with all the merchants and stuff recently"
Zanzibar says, "I am thinking.."
Leanna says, "And honestly- No. They will not gush about how we can mine in the game. They might mention it, but they just won't."
Bonk nods to Liye.
Feral grins at Leanna.
Feral says, "Hence AD."
Feral says, "Its adding stuff, constantly."
Luchianna raises her hand.
Leanna says, "People don't go to their friends and say, "I spent all night mining in AOH last night! It was a blast!""
Flamesong mutters and weddings....
Lifting its beak, a mangy black buzzard squawks harshly, as it watches the area alertly.
Feral says, "We are aiming to release a new system or quest every two months."
Liye says, "But if we can walk in an look badarse"
Zanzibar says, "but, if you could make nice stuff...."
Schism nods to Luchianna.
Zanzibar says, "that would be a great selling point"
Flamesong says, "I'm torn between wanting a bunch of new people around, and liking our small town feel."
Flamesong sighs.
Feral grins at Flamesong.
Jacinda says, "Plus other changes will be coming"
Zanzibar smiles at Flamesong.
Phaidra says, "not only that but battlin' games are a dime a dozen out there, AOH has class, and is sdding more all the time"
Schism says, "People gush about what they enjoy, regardless of whether someone else would enjoy it or not."
Zanzibar nods to Schism.
Leanna says, "Honestly.. there really is only one advantage to Text based games over graphics... And that's that we can be more creative."
Feral nods to Schism.
Flamesong says, "I gush about AOH to just about everyone I talk to."
Luchianna asks, "I know this is probably totally out of the question but what's the posibilities of having an interactive marketing scheme or economy with other realms like GS or DR or even just be able to pay regular cash to gain dinar and stuff?"
Zanzibar nods to Leanna.
Schism nods to Flamesong.
Flamesong says, "It always seems to come up, no matter what the conversation."
Flamesong grins.
Leanna says, "I gush about events to people."
Leanna grins.
Zanzibar says, "I'll sell you some dinar..."
Schism says, "You cannot pay real money for anything in game."
Liye says, "I gushed about the paegent for sixth months"
Flamesong looks at Luchianna and shudders.
Zanzibar grins at Luchianna.
Feral says, "I think further marketing concerns should be handled on the boards."
Leanna says, "My friends are sick about hearing what happened in AOH last night."
Phaidra nudges Zanzibar with her elbow.
Schism says, "It violates the Terms of Use."
Luchianna shrugs.
Flamesong says, "Big time."
Liye says, "And as you can see I gush about it now"
Liye nods to Schism.
Liye says, "Most games have that policy"
Bonk takes a sip of his milk.
Liye says, "Even MmoRpg's"
Schism nods to Liye.
Leanna says, "It's a good policy. "
Luchianna says, "ok so another less challenging question"
Zanzibar asks, "how does GS get away with it?"
Quinlax just left.
Liye says, "But if you wanna be silly enough and pay real money for an item"
Schism says, "Everything you see, even your characters are the intellectual property of Simutronics."
Liye says, "Go ahead"
Schism says, "GS does not."
Anika says, "They're much bigger."
Flamesong says, "Not legally anyway."
Schism says, "People that do it can be banned for doing it."
Anika says, "So it only SEEMS they get away with it."
Liye says, "They pay real money for services.."
Schism nods to Liye.
Zanzibar smiles at Schism.
Luchianna says, "how about developing some new games to play. We have rombasho and gambling in the halls but what about other stuff like bowling or darts or football"
Luchianna chuckles.
Leanna says, "They do have to pay for certain events though."
Jubalee asks, "You mean pay quests and weddings?"
Zanzibar nods to Leanna.
Zanzibar says, "180 to get married "
Liye says, "Weddings, quests and stuff like that..are services"
Leanna says, "Which is a stupid idea. "
Schism says, "Oh..."
Flamesong says, "No pay quests, please."
Schism says, "We will not be doing pay quests any time soon at least."
Jubalee says, "We have better stuff here and we don't have to pay for them."
Leanna says, "I do pay for my events now. They're why I'm here."
Schism nods to Jubalee.
Leanna winks at Flamesong.
Zanzibar says, "that is part of the problem Jubalee..."
Flamesong asks, "Not sure this is AD, but is bingo working yet?"
Zanzibar says, "imho"
Liye says, "Football and bowling didn't exist"
Schism says, "I thought you meant buying and selling player services with real money."
Schism says, "I do not know."
Schism looks at Flamesong and shrugs.
Xevak appears to be checking his pockets for something, but finds them empty.
Luchianna says, "well bowling did exist in those days"
Flamesong says, "It's been broken for ages."
Luchianna says, "football maybe not"
Feral says, "That isn't an issue for AD anyway."
Schism nods to Flamesong.
Zanzibar chuckles.
Zanzibar says, "sports is crafting"
Feral says, "As for other games... Yes, that is something we can look at."
Zanzibar leans on Luchianna.
Ruffling its feathers, an ugly bald vulture squawks noisily on Bonk's shoulder before falling silent.
Schism says, "I am actually working on a football game for Mentor event.s"
Liye raises her hand.
Luchianna grins.
Zanzibar grins at Schism.
Schism says, "It is... a nightmare to code."
Liye asks, "what about the theater areas?"
Feral grins at Schism.
Liye grins at Schism.
Feral pats Schism on the shoulder.
Feral exclaims, "You offered!"
Liye exclaims, "That's why it's your project!"
Schism nods to Feral.
Feral says, "Pass the Pigskin, it will be much fun."
Leanna asks, "I think Holyph and Jubs are still working on theaters, right?"
Leanna ponders.
Feral says, "And violent."
A cloud of golden sparks suddenly appears in the air, forming the outline of a female Human before resolving into Holyph herself.
Anika beams at Holyph!
Liye says, "Ah there's Holy"
Jubalee points at Holyph.
Holyph asks, "Someone say theaters?"
Liye says, "Not seen her in ages"
Liye raises her hand.
Anika exclaims, "The elusive Holyph!"
Liye says, "I did"
Leanna says, "Speak of the devil.."
Zanzibar chuckles at Holyph.
Zanzibar says, "such good timing"
Holyph says, "I'd like to promise to have them done by the new year."
Liye says, "Theaters are AD and since I'm trainin up the bard in me.."
Miakoda smiles at Holyph.
Flamesong exclaims, "She is not the devil!"
Schism leans on Holyph.
Holyph says, "But... okay, I'll do my best."
Xevak smiles at Anika.
Holyph grins.
Jubalee says, "Theaters are Holyph's baby."
Phaidra says, "its like she heard her name being bantered about"
Leanna says, "She might not be a devil, but she's a holy terror."
Liye says, "if theaters worked"
Liye says, "Then flame could set up a living shrine there"
Holyph says, "The theater in Delphi actually has a few of the thingums theaters will have."
Liye says, "And stop whining about it"
Smith Quinlax just arrived.
Flamesong says, "I"ll be writing plays for the theater soon."
Liye grins at Flamesong.
Flamesong grins.
Quinlax sits down next to Arlene.
Holyph says, "Delphi is going to be our umm... what's it called..."
Holyph says, "Prototype theater."
Flamesong says, "So be ready to be audience, or actor."
Flamesong hums!
A frothing mermel crawls up to Arlene's face, snuggling up to it
Holyph says, "Get it going with all the bells and whistles then start
converting others."
Liye says, "Sweet"
Luchianna says, "I hope You folks had a big note pad for all this stuff to day"
Liye beams at Holyph!
Luchianna grins.
Liye says, "We've got logging"
Holyph says, "It was actually built with all the rooms I want/need for what I want them to do."
Liye grins.
Holyph says, "And I have an event planned to coincide with them as well as some plays I'd like to get performed."
Holyph says, "So, yes, I really want to get them rolling."
Flamesong grins at Holyph.
(Flamesong offers to direct.)
Liye beams at Holyph!
Holyph says, "But if you haven't checked out Delphi's theater, there are some bits there that others don't have yet."
Holyph says, "Okies, enough on that."
Holyph grins.
Schism asks, "Unless there is anything else about AD?"
Leanna says, "The sounds are fun."
Feral folds her arms across her chest.
Leanna grins.
Holyph nods to Feral.
Flamesong says, "Sounds like you have your hands full already."
Flamesong grins at Feral.
Luchianna asks, "can ya make it less dangerous to get to Delphi so I can take a look see?"
Liye asks, "Don't they have like drugs to cure AD now?"
Liye grins.
Luchianna gazes hopefully at Holyph.
Calestoa gazes at Liye.
Feral says, "Run faster."
Holyph chuckles.
Feral nods to Luchianna.
Holyph grins at Feral.
Zanzibar says, "just need a bodyguard"
Holyph says, "I actually..."
Feral asks, "Anymore AD questions or ideas?"
Alteena raises her hand.
Phaidra laughs at Feral.
Liye says, "I can make it here and Live"
Schism says, "Ok, I think that pretty much wraps up the forum then."
Flamesong says, "With Feral around, it's more dangerous sitting here."
Holyph says, "Am of the mind to make it more dangerous."
Holyph winks.
Leanna babbles something about Holyph.
Liye says, "Can we just sit and chat then"
Liye says, "We never get to spend quality time with you guys"
Liye grins.
Feral says, "Yes."
Luchianna suddenly releases an exasperated sigh.
Xevak agrees with Flamesong.
Liye says, "We need bonding.."
Feral says, "Ok.. "
Zanzibar says, "thanks to all of you"
Liye says, "Oh cripes"
Feral recites:
    "AD forum over."

Thanks to Cervesus for logging the forum.