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The levels of the creatures vary slightly, but they should be close to what is listed.   This bestiary is still under construction, since new creatures are being added or old ones being tweaked periodically.   A word of advice:  Before you fight a new type of creature for the first time MEASURE it, don't just take my word for the levels!

Bestiary - Alphabetical Order

Bestiary - Level Order

Bestiary - Map Order

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A big THANK YOU to Quinlax for pretty much the whole foundation for this bestiary!  Also, a huge THANKS to Ashmael for more information than I can list here for it!  Thanks to Karter for level info on the legionary and maenad.  More thanks go to Tennety on the Norwegian critters and to Phaidra for info on some critter levels.  And yet more thanks to Heemor for the information on the high level critters in the forest near the spider warrens!  Also a HUGE thanks to Asantewaa for a whole lot of work and information she gathered on skinning and dissecting!

This is far from a complete beastiary, if you have information that can be added to it, please contact Heartsong.  If your information is used you will be credited for the information.